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Inner Child Healing 

A metaphysical healing session using chakras harmonisation, meditation and "The Compassion Key" technique.

The Compassion Key inner child healing technique was developed by the Spiritual Teacher Eduard Mannix and uses the energy of self-directed compassion to heal wounds, karmic imprints, and negative beliefs. Compassion is a very high frequency love energy, sometimes called “universal solvent”, that has the potential to dissolve negative feelings and traumatic karmic imprints manifesting as blocks and obstacles in one’s life. As the feelings and karmic imprints dissolve so do the blocks and obstacles.


Karmic imprints originate in traumas experienced in our current life, or they may have their source in past life experiences. These traumatic experiences create multiple levels of karmic imprint on the same topic perpetuating similar unpleasing experiences until they can be cleared and resolved.


The Compassion Key healing technique allows to access deep layers of karmic imprints promoting deep clearing. Sometimes, more than one healing session is necessary to clear a particular karmic imprint at its deepest layer. With that in mind, on top of individual, on-off, sessions, we also offer Compassion Key healing sessions in packages at a discounted fee to help you to achieve the best outcome from your session.

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