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About Us

Hello beautiful souls! My name is Gisele. I am a Brazilian lady living in the beautiful Australia for over a decade and the founder of the Dhimahi Holistic Space.


I woke up to my spiritual path in my late twenties. After my father’s passing, I was seeking answers to my many spiritual questions which drove me into studying and exploring a great range of spiritual philosophies and practices, including meditation and self-inquiry.


I’ve always felt a strong pull towards helping others and a sense that my spiritual mission was to fully embody the lightworker role in this life on Mother Earth.


In 2019, my quest took me all the way to the Himalayas to learn meditation from Yogis and I got certified as a Yoga Meditation Teacher (100 hrs). I have been practicing meditation for 15 years and facilitating meditation for over five years. It makes me very happy to watch the spiritual awakening of many who attend our meditation retreats and workshops. I am also certified  Yoga Asana Teacher (350 hrs) and Kids Yoga Teacher. In mid 2023, I opened the Dhimahi Yoga & Meditation studio and since then, I have been teaching group and private Hatha Yoga class at the studio and other venues.


More recently, I completed my training as a Compassion Key Practitioner through the Lightworker Accelerator Program offered by the world-renowned spiritual teacher Edward Mannix and I am thrilled to be able to offer healing facilitation using this amazing tool.


Walking on my path as a Lightworker and Healer facilitator makes me experience a happy and grateful life. As I live my mission, I offer to share my gifts, happiness in life and light with you to help you to achieve your full potential in this world.


Much love and infinite gratitude


Pink Sugar
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