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Live Your Best Life

Our Philosophy

We are all on a spiritual journey whether we are aware of it or not. Throughout our lives, we walk a path of self-expression and self-inquiry. As spiritual beings we live a physical experience on this planet regardless of whether we follow a particular religion, philosophy, doctrine, or nothing at all.

During some point in our life most of us will experience a “dark life of the soul”, however all life experiences have the potential to unfold other dimensions of the self. Ultimately, the origin of our wounds and suffering lies in the sense of separation from the Source, being disconnected from the Divine within us.

At Dhimahi Holistic Space we believe that Yoga & Meditation practise, Self-Inquiry, and working on the Inner Child help to shift perspectives and transform people’s lives into more loving, joyful, and fulfilling experiences. Gratitude and compassion are two powerful healing energies with the potential to operate miracles in our lives, heal the inner child, and increase our planet’s vibrational energy. These energies can be awakened and potentialised in our hearts through meditation and self-compassion.

Stone Balancing

Our Focus

Our focus is to support spiritual growth and help individuals heal and become aware of their true-self and potential through Yoga and meditation practise, meditation facilitation and karmic imprint cleansing. We achieve this by providing a neutral and safe space for people to practise yoga and receive meditation coaching and assistance with spiritual healing.

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”
― Rumi

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